About Talawa

Talawa Fostering Services is a steadily developing fostering agency. The Directors are Jan Lord and Sian Baptiste who between them have extensive experience in the field of substitute family placement, working with young people and business management. Central to the Agency’s service provision is our commitment to

  • Promoting the highest standards of care at all times
  • Maintaining the integrity of a child-centred approach

Talawa Director Sian talks to At Home Magazine about growing up with foster siblings.


 Our aim is to enable children to fulfill their potential.

The utmost care will be put into actively promoting and nurturing the child’s identity, and meeting all developmental needs.

Talawa Fostering Services aims to serve the needs of children and young people by providing carers who will match the ethnicity of the children placed with them wherever possible.

Too often children who enter public care lose their ties with their brothers and sisters when it is not possible to arrange for them to live together or within short distances from each other. Talawa Fostering Services aims to provide specialist placements for children, including groups of siblings who are entering the public care system.

The Agency will aim to recruit carers who can look after groups of children, ensuring that significant family ties are not broken at the same time that children are being separated from their parents.

We aim to provide placements that meet the holistic needs of children. We believe that it is imperative that each child is cared for in an environment that ensures respect, dignity, safety and security.

It is essential that looked after children are given a voice and encouraged to comment on the services they receive. We aim to work in a respectful way with children, their birth families, our carers and other professionals to make sure that voice is heard.

Our Values


We will always be honest, open and up-front with our carers and partners

Working in Partnership

We aim always to work closely with carers, parents and family

Child Centred

We ensure that childrens' wishes and feelings are heard


We work to the highest standards of professional social work

We believe that

• Each individual is unique and has an inherent right to develop their potential, regardless of their previous life experience.

• Children have the right to be looked after by adults who offer them respect, concern, affection and experiences appropriate to their individual needs.

• The significance of the child’s birth family, their race, culture, religion and their origins should not be overlooked.