Incredible rewards

Is Fostering for you?


You don’t have to be married to foster. Single people, unmarried couples and people in civil partnerships, gay or straight, can all be foster carers.

You don’t have to be below a certain age. You can’t be ruled out from being a foster carer purely on the grounds of your age.

Who can foster


Foster carers are ordinary people from all walks of life who have decided to do something extraordinary by caring for a child or children who cannot live with their own parents.

You don’t have to be of a particular ethnic background or religion. The children and young people needing to be looked after come from all of the diverse communities who live in the UK, and we need carers whose own background matches that of the children as closely as possible.

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What you'll bring to Fostering

You need to be somebody who can provide children with stability and security and be willing to work with a child’s family of origin. 

You must have suitable space in your home, some childcare experience. You must be able to make time available to be there when a child needs you, as well as for attending child-related meetings.

What types of children need care?

Children can need to be in foster care for anything from a few days to several years.

The children who come into foster care are all placed there by local authority social workers because they are unable to live with their parents.


This can be for a variety of reasons, but whatever the reason, what the children all have in common is that they are having to live away from their home and their parents, and from many of the things that are familiar to them.

Part of the foster carer’s task is to help children deal with their feelings about this separation, and to minimise the disruption it causes to their lives.

Fostering can be tremendously rewarding for anybody who enjoys helping children to grow, learn, develop, achieve and fulfill their potential.

I'm interested, how do I become a carer?
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What Financial Support is Available?

Meeting the costs of childcare


Foster carers are paid a weekly allowance which covers all the regular costs of raising a child; providing food, clothing and pocket money, and helping the child to make regular savings.

We offer very competitive rates.

We reward our foster carers annually for their loyalty in remaining with the agency, and pay a referral fee of £500 for any new fostering approvals resulting  from recommendations.

What Personal Support is Available?

Practical advice for care


As a foster carer you will have your own support worker. This is a qualified social worker from Talawa, separate from the child’s social worker, who is there to support YOU.

We provide a 24 hour support line for foster carers so you need never feel overwhelmed.

Training courses for foster carers are run throughout the year to help you develop your skills, and we work with independent professionals to provide therapeutic support wherever necessary.

As a Talawa foster carer, you will also be linked to another foster carer in your area for additional support, as well as receiving Fostering Network membership.